Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This feather is an original ink drawing that is 17" tall. Done for La Isla clothing line in California. Enjoy!

You can purchase a shirt *HERE!*.


  1. Do you use pens or dip pen and India ink? I'm having a lot of trouble finding good examples of dip pen and ink art that's not for comic books. I love your stuff, I just found your site and blog through Tumblr

  2. Hey A. Price--Thanks for commenting on the drawing and for the questions you've asked. I do not dip a pen into ink. I merely use a Pilot Precise Rolling Ball Pen in Extra Fine or Fine and draw in a 14" x 17" space. Then the final drawing usually needs to come down in size a bit for silkscreening or prints, thus making it seem even more finely detailed and sharp. The paper is Borden & Riley Bleed Proof Paper for Pens. I am so high-strung that I don't think I would have the patience for any other technique than straight-up drawing with a pen . . . if I were dipping something I would go nuts. But much respect to you--would love to see your work sometime. I wish you all the best! --Rachel

  3. Thanks! That's very interesting. When you scan it, how do you add color to it so well? Creating layers in Photoshop? Sorry for all the questions.
    My blog with my art is http://ohadrienne.com
    I recently did a piece on 18x24 inch paper and while I like how huge that is, it's incredibly difficult to scan/photograph it so that it looks as good as it does in person. Do you have any tips for that? Also, could I put some of your images and a link to your blog on another of my websites? I'm just really impressed with what you do! lol. http://rhymeetreason.com
    Let me know! Thanks!

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  5. Could I use your feather for a tshirt as well ?

  6. No, I'm sorry it's my property but thank you for checking.

    1. Is there a way I could purchase it?

  7. I am so sorry, I have sold partial exclusivity and limited licensing to La Isla clothing in California. I can always draw a new feather for you, however. Drop me a line at rcaldwell70@comcast.net if you are interested in a feather drawing.