Saturday, July 30, 2011


A new skull I just finished potentially for a skate company I will be doing apparel for in the near future.
© 2011 R.Caldwell


  1. This my favorite!!!

  2. Thanks very much. Are you by chance the person who just bought a bunch of Skull Bolt tees on Society 6? Thanks for the comments.

  3. Just saw this and no I wasn't the one who bought the shirts but I did buy the phone case of this! So stoked to see that it got awarded as one of the best illustrations for 2012. You da bomb and I'm a big fan. Check out my blog:
    you are one of my recommended viewing artists. If it is ok I would like to make my next post about Bolt with a link to your site, etc.

  4. Of course. Thanks Ryan for the support and the kind comments. Glad you like it!